How to Polish Wooden Furniture

Whether wooden furniture is in the office or at home, it plays a special role in furniture decoration. But to keep their shine for a long time, they need special care. Due to not taking care of in the right way, many times termites or white hit marks fall in the furniture, due to which the furniture looks old and dirty. 

If you also want to easily remove the white hit marks on the wooden, then today we will tell you the easy way which will make your wooden furniture look new again.

When a hot item such as tea or a dish is placed on Outdoor Corner Sofa Sets without a coaster, the top layer of the wood also heats up due to the hit. It also gets trapped in the lower layer of the wood, due to which the wood becomes incapable of evaporation. There is a solid white mark on the furniture, which does not go away even after rubbing or cleaning.

Easy ways to polish wooden furniture

How to clean with mineral oil and lemon – Wooden furniture to clean with mineral oil and lemon First mix mineral oil in lemon juice. Before using it on furniture, first, wipe the furniture with a dry cloth and then dip it in this solution and apply it to the furniture. After drying for a while, apply this solution to the furniture at least three times. 

The shine will be visible after drying. How to clean with petroleum jelly – Wooden furniture to clean with petroleum jelly The use of petroleum jelly like Vaseline can also be helpful in polishing the furniture. 

Apply petroleum jelly to the furniture and wipe it off with a cloth with a light splash of water. It can also be helpful in getting rid of stains on the wood. How to polish the furniture with mayonnaise It can also be used to get rid of light stains on wood. 

Take mayonnaise in a cloth and rub it on the stain, the stain will go away on its own. Clean Garden Furniture Sets furniture with olive oil – Wooden furniture to clean with olive oil Sprinkle some olive oil on wooden furniture and leave it after rubbing it well with a cloth. After ten minutes wipe it off with a clean cloth, the furniture will look like new again.