How to clean upholstered furniture at home

Polished furniture in the house always has an aesthetic and representative appearance, but many have difficulty cleaning it from dust and stains. Any marks and scratches are immediately visible. But in fact, caring for such furniture is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Polished furniture won’t be difficult to clean and maintain if you follow a few rules and guidelines.

When making polished rattan corner sofa sets, wooden blanks are cleaned and coated with special resins and varnishes. After that, it is polished using special technology. As a result of such actions, the surface acquires a mirror-like surface.

The lacquer coating of this type of furniture has negative properties during operation:

  • The strong attraction of dust particles;
  • The rapid absorption of dirt;
  • The formation of cracks and scratches with mechanical damage.

But knowing how to care for polished outdoor furniture sets can avoid such troubles.

High temperatures have a negative effect on polished furniture. It is not necessary to place it near heating appliances or on heated floors, and it is also undesirable to place hot objects on the surface, for example, a glass of hot water.

In addition, you should not install a polished headset in direct sunlight, as they contribute to its fading and tarnishing.

Since the material for the manufacture of this furniture is wood, a lack or excess of moisture can damage its structure.

In general, the care of such rattan garden furniture is practically no different from the care of other interior items, the difference lies in the use of special cleaning agents.

Tools and items for cleaning the surface of polished furniture

To clean the surface of such furniture, the following components are used: unsweetened flour, flour, ethyl alcohol, vegetable oil, beer brew, salt, used tea bags, antistatic agents, plain water, Sauerkraut brine, turpentine, baby powder, or talcum powder, wine vinegar. , gasoline, liquid soap, vinegar essence, milk, hair shampoo, colorless shoe cream, wax.

Cotton wool discs, a soft brush, pieces of leather, a soft cloth (wool, flannel), a container, a knife, a glass, and a saucepan are used as auxiliary items.

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